Wireless Network Setup and Support

Repairs Installation and Securing your Wi-Fi network

Wireless Network Setup and Support ,Designing, Securing, Installing, Troubleshooting and Repairs

Wireless Network Setup and Support are just some of the things Roadrunner I.T. Solutions can help you with. In some cases when you are trying to access a file over a network to a server, your PC freezes for a short moment, sometimes that freeze is related to a bottleneck on the network, we can help get the issue resolved for you, offering you various network related services.

Many small offices and home office users have a wireless network in use these days, but is your wireless network secured? If isn’t properly secured, you could be broadcasting your data like a radio station, allowing anyone with a small amount of experience in computers and networking to discover your data, furthermore they could also take over your network within minutes and lock you out of your own network.

Wireless Network CleanupWireless Network Setup and Support

Some wireless networks may have been patched together over time with many different Wi-Fi technologies and now the wireless network is running slow than it ever has. This can be due to the many different devices connected to your network which were never designed to work together. These random device might be conflicting with each other and slowing down your wireless network, Contact Us to come onsite and perform a network audit and clean up some of those problematic devices or maybe offer some newer modern and better solutions available today.

Wireless Network Performance Optimizations

Although its important to have a great hardwired network to make your wireless network run efficiently. You might even have newer faster network cables running on it but you can’t figure out why your network speeds at still running slow. Roadrunner I.T. Solutions can help diagnose your wireless network to find out where the bottlenecks are, then offer and even implement the solution, making your network run at the blazing fast speeds it was meant to run at, and virtually eliminating the wait time you might be currently experiencing.

Secure VPN Communications

When it comes to wireless networks a VPN service can be a great aid in helping keep your data secure and private. This can be different than a site to site VPN connection used in hardwired networks but none the less, it works on a common principle by encapsulating your data in to an encrypted tunnel. This is very useful, especially when you might be using a public Wi-Fi hot spot like a coffee shop for example. We can help you pick out a great VPN service which you can use on various network connected devices such as laptops.
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