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Below is a detailed list of some of our completed computer services projects to give you an example of what we do. If you would like to see a summarized view, please click on this link: Completed Projects-Summarized View

Company names withheld for privacy reasons.

Streamlined Network And PC Capabilities

Commercial printing service provider with 2.7 million dollars in revenue and 15 employees.

  • The client was having problems with slow and / or lost network connectivity, virus infections on many PCs and network printing was unreliable, they were Remote Desktop Connecting to a Virtual Terminal Server on a physical server that was not powerful enough to efficiently run a Virtual Machine.
  • Extremely slow opening of files on the network, some files took minutes to open, some of the files were on a NAS that was under utilized.
  • Remote desktop connections were exceedingly slow

Solutions Implemented

  • In order to repair all of these issues we replaced the network cabling, set up and configured new high quality Windows 7 PCs. We replaced the existing network infrastructure with known high-quality switches and router.
  • Once all the upgrades were implemented, the network ran fast and smooth, the same network files that took minutes to open under the previous network infrastructure, now only took 3 seconds.
  • The PCs were now protected by AVG Internet Security.
  • Each end user had their own PC and the various programs that were running on the Virtual Server were installed to the workstations, thus eliminating the need to use the slow virtual server, also making it less confusing for the end users on which environment they were working in.
  • To address the need for remote desktop connectivity, we custom built a specific RDP port for each PC, we then built rules in the firewall to allow traffic to the specific PC based upon the port number used. Remote desktop connectivity was now much faster and more efficient, the end users could now be productive when remote connecting to the office.

Private Cloud For A Community Policing Center

  • Determined the needs of the client towards a private cloud
  • Setup and secured the Private Cloud device at a secured location
  • Created user accounts based upon the needs of the client.
  • Created network shares for the end users
  • Further secured the device by limiting the resources to only be accessed by the authorized personnel. End users only had access to specific files and services that they were authorized to use

Ongoing Maintenance Of Network And PC Infrastructure

Large Financial Services Firm – Vancouver Area (Parent Company)

  • Provided support to a domain of 60 workstations, one Small Business Server and an Adobe Connect Server used for online meetings.
  • Support included but was not limited to user accounts, email accounts, backup management and Exchange Server management
  • Participated in and planned a server move from a data center on the North Shore to another in Burnaby. Whereby a team worked on implementing 4 physical servers running 3 to 4 Virtual Machines each. In this project the tech built and administered the Windows Virtual Machines in the Burnaby data center along with rack mounting and administering the physical hosts running Windows Server 2003.

Rapid Business Resumption Through Data Recovery.

Medium Financial Services Firm – Vancouver Area (Sister Company)

  • The client had a Panasonic Laptop, with a defective hard drive. The data was on the Windows XP SP2 partition and was not bootable. The data on this drive was very important (business documents etc.). In order to preserve the warranty on the laptop and still recover the data the tech needed to leave the system intact without removal of the drive. This particular laptop did not have easy access to the hardware components. The tech first ran a hard drive recovery tool to repair the drive to a working order. At that point windows did not perform well, and it continued to lockup the system. The tech then loaded up a bootable Linux CD (Knoppix) and transferred the data to an external USB hard drive. All the data was recovered.

Business Resumption Through Remote Network Diagnostics.

Vancouver Corporate Law Firm

  • The client had problems with IP Address conflicts. The workstations could not access the LAN, email or the internet. The tech solved this problem over the phone by asking a number of questions relevant to the task and determining that the DHCP server in the router was malfunctioning. The tech then had the end user cold boot the router, allowed it to cycle. Next the IP address was released and renewed on each workstation to correct the problem. The problems were resolved.

Ongoing Maintenance Of Critical Business Systems.

Large Vancouver Golf Course- (Main Office)

  • Supported a network of approximately 40 computers, including a VPN network, and 10 Jonas Point of Sale systems. Mostly a mixed environment of XP and Windows 7 work stations.
  • Implemented a VMware ESXi Server Bare Metal Hypervisor hosting Jonas Point of Sale server in a 2008 server VM, and built two virtual machines for IT management.
  • Supported Server 2008 Spiceworks Server VM for IT reporting and auditing.
  • Performed a physical to virtual machine conversion of SBS 2003 server and Windows 2000 Terminal Server.
  • Managed a VPN network connection between Main office and Branch Office in two different cities.
  • Administered a Fortinet Enterprise Firewall (FortiGate 60B).
  • Supported three wireless access points, two were on a separate subnet for guest use, plus an additional wireless access point on the company subnet for internal office use.
  • Implemented a Windows 2000 Terminal server for cross-network Jonas management between the VPN networks.
  • Managed and supported a network of five Jonas Point of Sale systems, and approximately five more XP work stations.
  • Managed three wireless access points, one was on a separate subnet for guest use, the other two were for internal office use

Assessed Network And PC Connectivity Problems.

Automotive Event Coordinator

  • Repaired DNS issues on SBS 2003 Server to resolve network-wide DNS related issues.
  • Repaired numerous permissions issues on the SBS Server whereby the domain administrator was restricted from accessing files that they should have been able to access, and perform tasks they should have been able to perform.
  • Repaired Remote Web Workplace functionality for SBS 2003 Server. Originally the site could only be accessible from the on-board network card on the SBS Server. Changed permissions to the site to allow for access from within the LAN, and also set up port forwarding in the Linksys hardware firewall to allow access to the Remote Web Workplace to authorized users from the internet.
  • Installed AVG Small Business Server Edition onto the server, and performed a push install to the clients on the network.
  • Repaired numerous Backup Exec 11d issues.
  • Setup and configured multiple workstations to replace the existing thin client systems that were constantly malfunctioning.

Ad Hoc Maintenance Of Network And PC Infrastructure

Doctors Office Walk In Clinic – Delta Area

  • Repaired connection to internet; replaced ADSL modem, and reconfigured router to work with ISP.
  • Implemented a Medinet server to allow for central access and administration of the Medinet clients.
  • Worked with Medinet 6 Client software to resolve printing issues on the local machines and the network.
  • Replaced a 10/100 network switch with a Netgear Gigabit switch to improve LAN performance, therefore allowing faster access to the Medinet database on the server.

Troubleshoot And Resolve Network And PC Connectivity Problems

Doctors Office – Langley Area

  • Roadrunner I.T. Solutions was first contacted to analyze a PC that was incorrectly backed up and poorly reinstalled by another company. Prior to the tech arriving on site, the office belonging to the doctors suffered a power outage. The tech asked one of the staff members in the office a variety of questions over the phone, diagnosed and solved some of their network connectivity issues. The tech then went on site to troubleshoot the rest of the issues later. When the tech arrived on site they found a network printer had lost connectivity with the network. A test was performed on the cable run back to the patch panel and it was found the network cable had been inserted in to the wrong port. The cable was reinserted in to the correct port and restored connectivity to the printer.

Swift Business Resumption Through Data recovery.

Professional Entertainment Company providing custom music packages – Vancouver Area

  • This was a data recovery project wherein the client had a significant amount of data on an additional internal hard drive dedicated to data storage. The drive had failed, there was major damage to the platters on the drive, as a result, the partition table was damaged along with the data on the drive. The tech ran a hard drive recovery tool for approximately one week. The drive was then placed in to an external drive bay and ran a drive scrubbing tool to recover the data. The project was successful. After the data was recovered successfully it was moved from a temporary storage hard drive to multiple DVDs as per the client’s request. All necessary data was recovered.

Moved Business In To A New Office.

Large Software Development Firm Over 250 Employees – Vancouver Area

  • Participated in a move of 250+ computers, installed VOIP Telephones on the LAN, tested for connectivity and verified proper working order of the networked devices.

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