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This page gives you a little information about us and what we stand for.

Mission statement

At Roadrunner I.T. Solutions we offer many services relating to Microsoft Windows tech support, Office 365 Email Setup and Support, Apple Products and Synology Private cloud devices that could help you or your company with your computer and network related needs and we do it at a very competitive price. We like to look at each project as if we were the client and how we would want to be treated. We will try to find you the most cost effective solution possible, while getting the job done right.

We will offer 1 hour, no charge, to source out the computer or network equipment you require, whether it’s software or hardware related. We will plan and spec out the products you need, assist in the ordering process of the items and only charge to perform the implementation of the products, which in turn passes on the savings to you. You simply make the purchase and we set it up for you.

Up to one hour provided free of charge when having us spec out your equipment, with the understanding we will be setting it up.

Additionally we don’t believe in charging monthly retainer fees, we want the client to only pay for the work that is performed for them, as such we bill our projects by the hour, which in the long run, saves the client money.

How we help our clients

Roadrunner I.T. Solutions offers your company complete I.T. support from start to finish. Our techs possess the world recognized Comp TIA certifications, which will provide you with the peace of mind that the work being done is of the highest quality. We possess an in-depth knowledge of the many layers of Windows and have multiple years experience in the I.T. Industry. Our quick response times allow for a more timely resolution to your I.T. related issues.About Us

In addition to all of this, if you are one of our valued clients, our techs can help you with the various questions that come up when purchasing a tech device these days, such as an Apple TV or iPhone/iPad. Perhaps you don’t know what version is right for you, we can help in that decision making process. We also have strategic alliances set up with various other companies who’s products or services compliment ours; for example Digital and Analogue phone or VOIP systems, website development, office furniture and email marketing to name a few. If you need something that doesn’t fall in to the scope of our services, we can put you in touch with key people within the those companies to help you out. With all of this in place, we really are your one stop shop for all of your computer or network related needs and so much more.

How we help our planet

In the interests of being “green” or environmentally friendly, we also do our part to try to cut down on our carbon footprint. We do this by taking transit to as many meetings and job sites as possible. We often use natural light to light our office, rarely needing to turn a light on and we also use technology to reduce the amount of paper we use in printing. Instead of printing every little thing to paper, we print to a PDF or save to a picture type format, then view it on our mobile devices, like our iPhone’s or iPad’s and we keep our I.T. infrastructure up to date, so that it may be more energy efficient then the last device we used.

The ideal client for Roadrunner I.T. Solutions is someone who is:

  1. The Owner, Manager, Entrepreneur or Decision Maker of small to medium sized companies approximately 5 to 50 office staff members, each with their own computer, plus the servers to run the network.
  2. Thinking: Of upgrading, their computers or network, or perhaps looking to speed things up and improve the security and reliability on their network.
  3. Expanding: Their office computers and network to meet the demands of a growing staff force. Or perhaps launching a new company or new division of an existing company, thus requiring someone to plan and setup their I.T. infrastructure.
  4. Wanting: Someone to provide ongoing tech support and remove the worries of making the computers their office runs on, work smoothly and efficiently, or perhaps troubleshoot a problem and resolve it. Amongst other services, automating the backups of their critical machines.
  5. Targeting: Another company to be purchased and they need someone to blend the existing computer and network technologies to work together between the offices or perhaps implement new computer and network equipment in to the newly purchased location.
  6. Designing: A plan to expand their business or create a new one. Calculating what they will need in terms of IT infrastructure to run their new office space. Roadrunner I.T Solutions could work with an Interior Office Designer to help design the office in consideration to the office layout and where to place the office pods in relation to network and power connections.
  7. Looking: To have their staff better trained on using their computer, iPhone’s and iPad’s more productively as business tools.
  8. Considering: The value of a proper working computer or network with minimal problems.
  9. Knows: The value of a highly qualified tech and is willing to pay for it, rather than wasting even more money and time getting a “cheaper” tech to perform the work.

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Roadrunner I.T. Solutions offers onsite service to areas such as: West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam. New Westminster.

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