Windows Registry Cleaning

Windows Registry Cleaning Or Optimizing Tools

If your computer is running slow and you are thinking of self diagnosing your own computer, think about this. There are many windows registry cleaning or optimizing tools out there, and very rarely do they ever work. Many people think if they download and run one of these tools, that it will speed up their computer. However 90% of the time your computer is running slow, it has nothing to do with how optimized your registry is. In fact if these tools take out the wrong registry keys, they can even contribute to your computer running even slower than before you ran the cleaning or optimizing tool.

They could accidentally take out registry keys that handle your hardware drivers or perhaps something more critical. In some cases, if the wrong registry key is removed from your system, you computer might even become crippled and not be able to boot to your Windows desktop anymore. The bottom line is, the risk is far too high when using one of these tools, and the reward is far too low, that they will actually work as advertised.

So you are probably asking yourself what is the answer? In many cases there are no exact answers, because every computer is running different combinations of software. However some of the common variables are Spyware, Malware and Viruses. Quite often this malicious code is running in the background on your computer, and you won’t even know it, unless you use a good scanning tool to find it. Many times, it helps to have a well experienced technician to handle the removal of Spyware and the clean up of your computer, instead of trying to do it yourself. Because there are so many different types or Spyware, Malware and Viruses out there, it is impossible to predict exactly how your system will respond. That is where the value of a technician comes in, they will know how to deal with the surprises that come up when cleaning up your computer.

So if you are thinking of cleaning up your own computer without any professional help, that is your choice. However, before you do that, consider how many thousand of files are on your computer, some are critical to the operation of your Windows operating system, while others are not. Will you know which ones are OK to remove? In addition to this, there are many types of software out there, some of which are known to slow down your computer. Will you know which ones are good and which ones will slow your machine down? Would you try to self diagnose a medical condition without the help of a doctor? Probably not, so maybe it would be a good idea to allow a professional to fix your computer and make it work efficiently again, The choice is up to you.

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Windows Registry Cleaning

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