Computer Running Slow

Have you ever wondered, why is my Computer Running Extremely Slow?

Is your computer running extremely slow, while it used to be fast when you first bought it? The biggest reason it is slow, might be spyware. Spyware gets on to your PC by you simply visiting various malicious websites. They make your computer run slow by downloading malware on to your PC without your knowledge. The trigger for the download, may have been an innocent looking link or perhaps a false warning that your system is infected and it prompts you to download a utility to scan your computer. When in fact; it is the software or site trying to fool you in to downloading the malicious code.

Computer Running Extremely Slow

Know how to spot some of the warning signs

When you see such warnings, you have to be careful to notice, if the message is coming from the protective software on your computer, or is it coming from somewhere else?

To help with this, remember, if your software that is already on your PC detected the malicious code, it will most likely not need to download any other data because it is already detecting the threat, nor would it require you to scan the PC because it has already detected the threat. But if you are being prompted to download something or to scan the computer, it most likely is not safe to do that. Also if in doubt, shut down all of your internet browsers, if the message goes away, it is very likely, it was not a legitimate threat.

If you are still concerned, you can run a full system scan with your on board anti-virus, anti-spyware software. If those tools find nothing; that confirms the threat to be false, because if your on board software found the threat when you first received the unknown message, it should have found it again when you performed the scan.

If you’re still not sure, feel free to contact us and for a small fee, we can help you solve all these problems and more.

Is your computer running extremely slow? What do you do?

So you’ve asked yourself the question, is my computer running Extremely Slow? Chances are that it is and that’s why you’re on this page. There are many utilities out there for removing spyware, malware and ad-ware and just like any complex device we have these days; if you maintain your PC, it will run better, faster and with much less hassle or headache. If you are in Vancouver or the General Lower Mainland area and require Tech Support with your computer and network related issues, we would be happy to help you with your spyware removal. If your computer can go online, and you are located outside of Vancouver or the General Lower Mainland, we can still help you with virus and spyware removal, along with most of your computer related needs, using remote connection technology. It’s safe and leaves no risks to your PC; once the connection is severed the tech no longer has access to your computer and you can see everything that happens as the work is being performed on your computer.

At Roadrunner I.T. Solutions we can help you solve all your problems with your Computer Running Extremely Slow and more. So give us a call, or fill out our Contact Us form to get started on fixing those problems today.

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