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Welcome to our Computer Repairs Upgrades Implementations Page, we hope to clarify the obvious choice of who you want to have working on your computer or network.

At Roadrunner I.T. Solutions we can offer a number of services to help you with your Hardware–Software Maintenance Upgrades and Implementations. The obvious advantage is that we can help you plan your implementation, whether it is hardware or software related, we can help you with the decision making and setup of it all, while ensuring the setup is functioning correctly, from start to finish we want your Computer Repairs Upgrades and Implementations, to work smoothly. We make sure to test our work as we progress through the implementation, thus preventing surprises. Allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

We can help you install your hardware and software purchases. Once the install is complete, a tech will perform one final test of the work to confirm the installation went as planned.

Custom Computer BuildsComputer Repairs-Upgrades-Implementations

If you so choose to order a custom built PC we can help with that. During the planning stage there are many options to consider. We can explain the details to you and help you make sense of them.

New Computer – Workstation – Server Setups

Whenever you get a new computer, whether it is a Server or a Workstation for your Home and Small Business needs, there is always some setup involved. We can transfer or migrate your data to the new machine and make sure all of your much needed applications are also installed. If it’s a server you need setup, we can help you get the new server setup with all of its user accounts, permission settings, along with any other jobs your server might handle.

Troubleshooting Software – Hardware Related Issues

There is a fine art to troubleshooting a hardware or software related issue. The wrong diagnosis can lead you on a wild goose chase resulting in much frustration and wasted time and possibly some wasted money. At Roadrunner I.T. Solutions our CompTIA certified technicians will find the problem and provide you with an understanding as to why the diagnosis lead to the problem, helping you get back to what really matters, using your PC.

Regular Maintenance and Performance Improvements of Your PC’s and Servers

Regular maintenance of your PC is very important if you want to save yourself money in repairs. If you wait too long to have your PC repaired, it can sometimes end up costing you more money then it should have, if you had only dealt with the problems sooner. Contact us and we will do our best to ensure your PC continues to run efficiently, offering you less time waiting for the PC or server to respond, resulting in more productive usage of your I.T. infrastructure.

Printer Setup And Support (Networked-Hardwired / Wireless and USB Connectivity)

Whenever you purchase a new printer whether is it USB or Network connected, there is always some setup involved and rarely does it work as smooth as advertised. Let us help you get that printer setup, allowing you to be able to start using the device you just invested some money in to, sooner rather then later.

Online Technical Support

Online Computer Tech Support is a powerful tool in this day and age for troubleshooting a problem. If you are located outside of Vancouver BC, anywhere in North America, distance need not be a problem. Or if time is a bit tight, we might be able to help you with our Online Computer Tech Support services. Using the power of the internet, as long as your computer can go online and we can connect, we should be able to repair your problems. Allowing you the convenience of not having to take your computer apart, to be delivered to some store. Also in many cases the problem exists from the environment the computer is in. This allows us to get to the bottom of the problem sooner and get your machine working properly once again. This is much faster then if the PC or Server was removed from it’s environment, and you get to watch as the work is being done, allowing you the confidence that the work being done, exceeds your standards.

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