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Below is a list of some of our past completed projects to give you an example of what we do.

On our summarized list of completed projects, you will see a quick list of various projects we have done in the past, this will give you a better idea of how we can help you with your tech support needs.

Company names withheld for privacy reasons.

Streamlined Network And PC Capabilities

Client Profile: Commercial printing service provider with 2.7 million dollars in revenue and 15 employees.

The Challenge: Critical security concerns, unreliable network infrastructure, extremely slow connectivity with high risk to data integrity.

Our Solution:

  • In depth assessment of their technology failure points and needs. Piloted a small scale solution to demonstrate the reliability of the proposed plan.
  • Implemented and tested the comprehensive solution that included key devices required for business operations.

The Results:

  • Rebuilt the entire network, thus improving the performance of connectivity and reducing risk to data integrity.
  • Enabled reliable and secure remote access.
  • Increased operations productivity.
  • Overall operational effectiveness and team moral were improved.


Private Cloud For A Community Policing Center

Client Profile: A community policing center, directed at reducing crime in the area, with 10 employees and hundreds of volunteers.

The Challenge: Unreliable technology infrastructure, that prevented critical business access and remote capabilities.

Our Solution:

  • Determined the needs of the client towards a private cloud.
  • —Setup a Personal Cloud at a protected location, allowing secure access to the network shared files based upon high level encryption and user permissions from anywhere in the world via the internet.

The Results:

  • Enabled reliable and secure remote access.
  • Increased operations productivity.
  • Eliminated any prior risk related to equipment failure and data integrity.
  • Overall operational effectiveness and team moral were improved.


Ongoing Maintenance Of Network And PC Infrastructure

Client Profile: Large Financial Services Firm With Over 40 employees and over 3000 clients-(Parent Company).

The Challenge: Unreliable network infrastructure, slow and poorly maintained PCs.

Our Solution:

  • Provided on going maintenance support to a domain of 60 workstations, one Microsoft Small Business Server and an Adobe Connect Server used for online meetings.
  • Support included but was not limited to user accounts, email accounts, backup management and Exchange Server management, SBS server and Adobe Server management.
  • Participated in and planned a server move from a data center on the North Shore to another in Burnaby. Converting some of the physical servers in to Virtual Servers.

The Results:

  • The PCs worked much better once they were properly maintained.
  • The network was repaired to proper networking standards, thus improving the speed and reliability.
  • By converting the physical servers in to virtual servers, we reduced the data center costs by reducing the the amount of rack space needed.
  • Overall operational effectiveness and team moral were improved.


Rapid Business Resumption Through Data Recovery.

Client Profile: Medium Financial Services Firm-(Sister Company)

The Challenge: The client had a Panasonic Laptop, with a defective hard drive, with much of the companies critical files on the drive. Additionally, there were no recent backups of the drive. In order to preserve the warranty on the laptop and still recover the data, the technician needed to leave the system intact without removal of the drive.

Our Solution:

The Results:

  • 100% of all critical data was recovered and the laptop was unaltered, allowing the client to return the laptop for warranty purposes. The client was able to rapidly resume business safely and securely with their recovered data in hand.
  • Prevented business failure and revenue losses.


Business Resumption Through Remote Network Diagnostics.

Client Profile: Vancouver Corporate Law Firm

The Challenge: The client had problems with IP Address conflicts. The workstations could not access the LAN, email or the internet.

Our Solution:

  • Our technician solved this problem over the phone by asking a number of questions relevant to the task and determining that a portion of the router was malfunctioning.
  • Our technician then had one of the office staff reboot the router. Next, by instructions given from the technician, the IP address was released and renewed on each PC.
  • Based on the type of failure that occurred on the router, the technician recommended replacing the router with a new one

The Results:

  • Once the above steps were completed, the end users were able send and receive email, go online and connect to network shares.
  • Plans for a replacement router were made


Ongoing Maintenance Of Critical Business Systems.

Client Profile: Large Vancouver Golf Course

The Challenge:The client required their network of over 40 Windows computers, 3 Servers, including a VPN network, and 10 Jonas Point of Sale systems to run efficiently.

Our Solution:

  • Performed on going maintenance of the office network.
  • Performed on going maintenance of the office PCs, Point Of Sale Systems and Servers.
  • Maintained the VPN connection between the head office and a branch golf course
  • In order to reduce complete network downtime, due to outages or updates, we split the various servers up in to their own virtual machines.

The Results:

  • The on going maintenance increased efficiency of the critical office infrastructure, allowing the staff members to work more efficiently.
  • The VPN connection between the head office and branch office maintained a 99.9% up-time rate
  • By splitting the servers, we reduced downtime, making the network more resilient and increasing office productivity


Assessed Network And PC Connectivity Problems.

Client Profile: Automotive Event Coordinator.

The Challenge: Prior to our coming on board, the network had serious connectivity problems, whereby the Thin Clients dropped connections many times per day, in some cases could not connect at all.

Our Solution:

  • In depth assessment of their technology failure points and needs. Piloted a small scale solution to demonstrate the reliability of the proposed plan.
  • Replaced “Thin Clients” with actual PCs. Configured the PCs according to the clients office needs.
  • Reconfigured the network to work with the new PCs.
  • Implemented and tested the comprehensive solution that included key devices required for business operations.

The Results:

  • The end users no longer experienced network drop outs and were able to work productively.
  • Network shares were now more secure and data corruption from network drop-outs were no longer an issue.
  • Overall operational effectiveness and team moral were improved.


Ad Hoc Maintenance Of Network And PC Infrastructure

Client Profile: Doctors Office Walk In Clinic-Delta Area

The Challenge: The client was having problems with their internet connection randomly dropping out. They needed less downtime or wait time when working with their Medinet6 software and their internal network was running slow.

Our Solution:

  • Provided on call support and troubleshooting as needed.
  • Replaced the ADSL Modem from the internet provider.
  • Implemented a Local Medinet server to allow for central access and administration of the Medinet clients from the internal network.
  • Confirmed network cabling standards, then upgraded the network to Gigabit speeds.

The Results:

  • On Call support requests were resolved in a very efficient manner.
  • Due to the modem replacement, the internet connection was stable once again.
  • By implementing the Medinet Server inside their network, the day to day tasks were drastically faster to perform, with 99.9% uptime.
  • Overall network speeds dramatically improved, connection to the server database and tasks run on the server, were faster.
  • Staff moral had improved due to the smoother operations of their daily tasks.


Troubleshoot And Resolve Network And PC Connectivity Problems

Client Profile: Doctors Office-Langley Area

The Challenge: The client was having problems with a PC that was newly built by another tech company, they could not find any of their critical company files. They also, just recovered from a power outage, which resulted in problems connecting to some of the network printers.

Our Solution:

  • Our technician asked various questions, over the phone, related to the problems the client was facing.
  • Inquired about which of the network printers is not accessible

The Results:

  • Our technician was able to solve some of the clients problems over the phone, then book an appointment to come onsite and resolve the remaining issues.
  • When our technician arrived on site they determined which network printer had lost connectivity. A signal test was performed on the cable run back to the patch panel and it was found that a network cable had been inserted in to the wrong port on the patch panel.
  • The cable was reinserted in to the correct port and restored connectivity to the printer.


Swift Business Resumption Through Data recovery.

Client Profile: Professional Entertainment Company providing custom music packages.

The Challenge: This client had a significant amount of data on an unreliable hard drive that failed. They also had no backups of their data, resulting in a high risk of any data recovery.
Potential risk of significant revenue loss as a result of the drive failure.

Our Solution:

  • —Conducted due diligence on the client environment to determine the best recovery method to apply.
  • —Applied a 3 stage approach to recover the data.
  • Recover the data using various software’s, specifically designed for this purpose.

The Results:

  • Through various complex techniques, we were able to recover 100% of all critical data. The clients were able to resume business safely and securely.
  • Prevented business failure and revenue losses.


Moved Business In To A New Office.

Client Profile: Large Software Development Firm Over 250 Employees

The Challenge: The client needed to move over 250 employees to a new larger location within a limited time frame.

Our Solution:

  • Participated in a move of 250+ computers, installed VOIP Telephones on the LAN, tested for connectivity and verified proper working order of the networked devices.

The Results:

  • Through teamwork with others, we were able to get all of the data infrastructure connected and tested with in one day.
  • The companies employees were able to continue their work with minimal interruption due to the business move.

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