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On our computer tech support Helpful Hints page you will find various links which will point to the content relevant to the heading title, in fact those same heading titles will be the links for you to click on. We hope you find the information helpful and we plan to add more content as time goes on.

My XBOX ONE Keeps Turning On By Itself Fix

This happened to me many times now, to be clear the Xbox is NOT in the “Instant On Mode”, it is in fact set to the power saver mode which is supposed to fully shut down the Xbox, and NOT run any updates of any kind in the background……

Backing up your data is very important

If you’re not backing up your data, what will you do to get it back when its gone? In most cases people and/or companies don’t even think of backing up their data until it’s too late…….

Computer Running Extremely Slow

Is your computer running extremely slow, while it used to be fast when you first bought it? The biggest reason it is slow, might be spyware. Spyware gets on to your PC by you simply visiting various malicious websites. They make your computer run slow by downloading malware on to your PC without your knowledge……..

Windows Registry Cleaning Or Optimizing Tools

If your computer is running slow and you are thinking of self diagnosing your own computer, think about this. There are many windows registry cleaning or optimizing tools out there, and very rarely do they ever work…….

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Frank was suggested to us as an alternative to our then computer tech, as Frank was highly recommended by another business person; we decided to get Frank to do some work for us at our Non-Profit Housing Society, the Burquitlam Senior Housing Society in Coquitlam, BC. Since then, Frank has done all our work and according to the management at our Society, Frank has become the absolute go-to-guy for any computer related issues. If the issue is not in Frank’s realm of expertise, he has brought his …
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