My wife first witnessed Frank’s skills & work ethic at her workplace where he was the IT Consultant for her employer who had several locations in different geographical areas around metro Vancouver. Consequently, when my wife wanted to purchase a new desktop for her home / office, since Frank had already demonstrated his experience, knowledge & integrity, she contacted Frank. He not only purchased and installed the hardware & software, but also spent the necessary time to train / assist my wife to use and understand the features & benefits of her new computer. Whenever she had “issues”, Frank has always been available in person or online to take the necessary corrective action.

Although I have been using a laptop in business for 20 years, I still have only a basic understanding of computer technology and do not need / want to know all the technical details. I was looking for a competent, trustworthy individual and someone that could communicate with me without using just “geek” language. Someone who would take the time to explain things so that I would understand the basics was also important. I also needed someone who was capable of understanding me, my perceived needs / issues and most importantly, the person had to be capable of doing all the technical “work” through to completion in order to make things perform properly since my skills are limited.

I work for a very small company that has one laptop and no IT “experts” on staff. With only one laptop in the company, I rely on all the information in my laptop & need to ensure that it is always correct, current and readily available to do my job. I met Frank in person back in 2012 when I needed someone to do a relatively simple thing for anyone with IT knowledge, setting up external backup storage for my business laptop. He not only completed this project, but also several others as needed. Most importantly and for my peace of mind, he has become my IT “expert” for all the technical needs / issues regarding my laptop and other business related matters. I can always count on him to provide “hands on” assistance or recommendations when I need it. In addition, we do not have a webmaster for our two company websites, but I plan to seek Frank’s assistance / guidance in this area in the future.

If you are looking for long term, on-going support & recommendations for your technology needs, you will receive full value for your investment by choosing Frank Remenik at Roadrunner IT Solutions.

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